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The PPC is dedicated to resource conservation, striving to minimize the waste entering landfill sites, and to mitigate air pollution for cleaner air. The People’s Party takes a proactive approach to counteracting alarmism by advocating for scientifically sound information and encouraging constructive discourse. Instead of fueling panic or sensationalizing issues, the PPC underscores the significance of implementing pragmatic solutions firmly rooted in scientific research.

Cloud Seeding and Chem-trails

Cloud seeding is a deliberate weather modification technique where substances are dispersed into the atmosphere to induce or enhance precipitation, often with the aim of alleviating drought conditions or increasing rainfall in a particular area. This process typically involves the introduction of substances such as silver iodide, potassium iodide, or sodium chloride into clouds to encourage the formation of ice crystals or raindrops. While cloud seeding is a scientifically recognized method with varying degrees of success, it is distinct from the conspiracy theory surrounding chem-trails.

Chem-trails, often mistakenly conflated with contrails, refer to the belief that certain trails left by aircraft are actually chemical or biological agents intentionally sprayed into the atmosphere for nefarious purposes. Whether the intention is nefarious or not leaves many people questioning the need for this technology when the government is so quiet and secretive about these programs. As an MP, I would table a bill to ensure more public knowledge is made available about the manipulation of weather and the purpose for the necessity of such programs.