I am deeply concerned that our country is becoming a place that no longer has a foundation to build on.  In the last few years, we have lost our compass; we have been left in a maze without any direction!

Basic rights are being destroyed in front of us:

  • free speech is being taken away
  • the media and the Liberal party continue to separate us with identity politics and subjugate us into groups by sex, language, disability, ethnicity, gender identity and  sexual orientation
  • religion is being attacked and religious views are being discriminated against
  • a Canadian citizenship should be more than just a document you receive because you crossed the border

I believe we need to bring back some of the values that are being stripped from Canadian families.  We also need to cut the red tape that holds back individuals from developing entrepreneurial opportunities.

We are all the same people joined together, no matter our race, our religion, our politics or our sexual orientation.  These things shouldn’t separate us.  We are all Canadians and we are all equal in the eyes of the law.